Since 2003, we've sold Nobilis custom-built computers (desktops, notebooks, tablets).

Computer components and accessories: monitors, printers, notebook carrying cases, HDMI and video cables, network adapter cards, mice and keyboards, speakers, surge protectors, UPS battery backups, wireless routers, DVDRW drives, RAM Memory, hard drives, graphic cards, USB printer cables and extenders, flash drives and external hard 
         drives, memory card readers, switches, webcams, Iphone/Ipad/Android/Phone/Tablet PC cables for charging and
         connecting plus much much more.

Software: Microsoft Windows operating systems, AVG/Norton/Trend Micro Antivirus programs, Microsoft Office, Intuit Quicken & QuickBooks, etc.

Office Supplies: inkjet and toner cartridges (most HP inkjet models are kept in stock), envelopes, paper, labels, hanging folders, cardstock, canned air, photo paper, and more. We sell OEM HP ink and toner as well as HP inkjet and laser printers. We have many varieties of printer ink and printers available in stock and order weekly.
          **We also order other brands of ink, toner, and printers for our customers as well.
          HP print drivers click to download drivers for your printer

We offer basic telephone support and advice to our customers. Sometimes it can be solved quickly, while other times your system needs brought to our shop for a visit.

Contact us for a quote or order today! When you purchase a computer from us, we usually provide basic file movement (documents, e-mail, and favorites) - set up the computer at your location - set up your e-mail - and install your printer.

We offer networking, consulting, troubleshooting, file recovery, installation of hardware (motherboards, hard drives, ethernet cards, memory, etc.), installation of software, spyware/adware removal, virus removal services, plus much more.

Our goal is to provide excellent service to our home and business computer customers!

Service, repair, and troubleshooting of your hardware, operating system, and software

              o   Hardware failure and diagnostics
              o   Spyware/adware/virus/fake antivirus removal
              o   Wipe hard drives using the highest level of wiping “DoD 5220.28-STD” which wipes data repeatedly
                   for seven times.This is the standard of USA Department of Defense.
              o   Networking, consulting, file recovery, website updates
              o   Hardware installation (motherboards, hard drives, ethernet cards, memory, etc.),
              o   Installation of software

BACKUP your files using a flash drive or external drive or online backup service. Contact us for a backup recommendation solution. Remember to always BACKUP important files. It is your responsibility to BACKUP your data. If we can't recover data for you, we recommend Gilware Inc.--Your data recovery experts!

Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading PDF files
Java download
VLC Player for playing audio and video media files
         Classic Shell Start Button for Windows 8

Openoffice (free program that opens/creates Word/Excel/Powerpoint files)
LibreOffice (free program that opens/creates Word/Excel/Powerpoint files)
Kingsoft (free program that opens/creates Word/Excel/Powerpoint files)

Malwarebytes for spyware/malware/adware removal
Super Antispyware for spyware/malware/adware removal
Bit Defender for spyware/malware removal
         HiJack This examines certain key areas of the Registry and Hard Drive and lists their contents.
         CWShredder for removal of the CoolWebSearch bars

FREE Trend Micro online virus scan
FREE Norton Anti-virus online security and virus scans
FREE McAfee Anti-virus online virus scan 
         FREE Bitdefender online virus/spyware/adware scan

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition for virus removal/protection
Microsoft Security Essentals (free virus removal/protection from Microsoft)
Windows Defender (free virus removal/protection from Microsoft built into Windows 8 and 10)

Keep a current Antivirus program installed with current definitions that are up-to-date. There are several good Antivirus programs that can be purchased: Trend Micro Titanium, Symantec Norton, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky, McAfee, plus many more. You should also run or check to see that a full system virus scan is done. (We recommend checking for updates and a running a virus scan once a week. Do this without other programs running.)

Make sure you have installed the newest Adobe Reader, updates for Flash, JavaScript. A lot of people disregard the reminders that pop up on the screen. It only takes a minute or so to install the updates that automatically download for you and then prompt you to update. There are a lot of virus/spyware problems resulting from unpatched/out of date programs.

About once a month, you should run the Scan Disk, Disk Defragmenter, and Windows Update on your computer. Scan Disk checks for errors on your hard drive, Defragmenter defragments files, and Windows Update finds patches and fixes for Windows.

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